You Have the Potential to Perform Better

If you're an athlete, top level executive, salesperson, team member, leader, performing artist, or just an ordinary person, Dr. Rob Smith can help you build the confidence and focus required to succeed in your life.

Work With the Best

Dr. Rob Smith, a consulting psychologist and high performance coach since 1988, has been recognized and certified by the prestigious Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology. Accomplished in his profession, in athletics, and in the martial arts, Dr. Rob Smith is dedicated to serving as a positive role model for his clients. Dr. Smith also serves on the U.S. Olympic Committee's Sport Psychology Registry.

Help is Here

Many of Dr. Rob Smith's clients work with him at his state–of–the–art facility which also serves as the training site for the NBA's Boston Celtics. Moreover, Dr. Rob Smith gladly travels to client sites and provides phone consultations. He speaks to organizations of all sizes, and has appeared as a guest on national TV and radio programs.

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New Release! Dr. Smith has just released an inspirational new book entitled, Black Belt For Life: A Memoir of Personal Development and the Martial Arts. Those interested in reading an excerpt online or buying a copy should visit the publisher's website at

To achieve your personal and professional goals more rapidly and with increased confidence, contact Dr. Rob Smith at 781–890–8226 or email him.